Harry Styles made fashion history this November as the first solo male to ever grace the cover of American Vogue. The 26 year old singer posed for the iconic publication in a periwinkle ball gown designed by Gucci’s Alessandro Michele.

From wearing glittery suits onstage to painting his fingernails and carrying a purse, Style’s gender fluid fashion is making waves. His unapologetic fashion choices include signature staples such as pearl earrings, skirts, lace, and tutus. The inspiration for which is fueled by his fascination with icons such as Prince, David Bowie, Elvis, Freddie Mercury, and Elton John.

The ‘Adore You’ singer thinks of fashion as a creative outlet, just like his music. “There’s so much joy to be had in playing with just becomes this extended part of creating something”. Harry’s impact goes far beyond just creative expression, his fashion statements are actively revolutionizing fashion norms. Hollywood elite, from Miley Cyrus to Timothée Chalamet, are applauding his courageous and bold fashion choices. “It’s pretty powerful and kind of extraordinary to see someone in his position redefining what it can mean to be a man with confidence,” says Olivia Wilde. “I hope that this brand of confidence as a male that Harry has is indicative of his generation and therefore the future of the world."

Harry credits his favorite designer, Alessandro Michele, as a source of inspiration for his now notable androgynous style. Harry claims the Gucci designer is “fearless with his work and his imagination" - "It’s really inspiring to be around someone who works like that.” Michele shares the same sentiment, stating “Harry is an inspiration to a younger generation—about how you can be in a totally free playground when you feel comfortable. I think that he’s a revolutionary.” Harry has fully embraced his gift, and champions the new wave of confident expression.

“And when God chooses someone and graciously imparts gifts to him, they are never rescinded.” - Romans 11:29 (TPT)

“Do you see a man skillful and experienced in his work? He will stand [in honor] before kings; He will not stand before obscure men.” - Proverbs 22:29


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