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04/29/2021 7:00 AM

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Co-Founder and CTO of Snap, Inc., Robert “Bobby'' Murphy is a Filipino-American technology entrepreneur and engineer. With his business partners, they developed the social media app, Snapchat in 2011.  Not being “cool” pushed him and his business partner, Evan Spiegel to make something cool for themselves. All by remaining true to his core and identity, this has led Murphy into a net worth of $12.4B, making him one of the youngest American billionaires. Since it’s inception, the social media app is famous for its audience of users who are teenagers and young adults. Murphy and Spiegel worked together and built a foundation that focuses on education and the arts. Their goal is to donate up to 13 million Class A Share by 2027.In their latest report, in the first-quarter alone this year, they reported 280 million daily active users. The success of his companies including Bitmoji and Spectacles continues to rise, making them still relevant and cool in the social media age.




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